White Papers

System Combination RWTH Aachen - SYSTRAN for the NTCIR-10 PatentMT Evaluation 2013

2013/09/02 -

SYSTRAN Chinese-English and English-Chinese Hybrid Machine Translation Systems for CWMT 2011

2011/09/01 -

Convergence of Translation Memory and Statistical Machine Translation

2010/11/01 -

Fast Approximate String Matching with Suffix Arrays and A* Parsing

2010/10/01 -

SYSTRAN Chinese-English and English-Chinese Hybrid Machine Translation Systems

2009/11/01 -

Selective addition of corpus-extracted phrasal lexical rules to a rule-based machine translation system

2009/08/01 -

Statistical Post Editing and Dictionary Extraction: SYSTRAN/Edinburgh submissions for ACL-WMT2009

2009/03/01 -

SMT and SPE Machine Translation Systems for WMT'09

2009/03/01 -

First Steps towards a General Purpose French/English Statistical Machine Translation System

2008/06/01 -

Can we Relearn an RBMT System?

2008/06/01 -

SYSTRAN Translation Stylesheets: Machine Translation driven by XSLT

2005/09/01 -

Intuitive Coding of the Arabic Lexicon

2003/09/22 -

SYSTRAN New Generation: The XML Translation Workflow

2003/09/22 -

SYSTRAN Review Manager

2003/09/22 -

SYSTRAN Intuitive Coding Technology

2003/09/22 -

The SYSTRAN Linguistics Platform

2002/10/01 -

SYSTRAN-Autodesk: Resource Alignment and Implicit Transfer

2001/09/18 -

New Generation SYSTRAN Translation System

2001/09/18 -

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