Interact in multiple languages, understand it all

SYSTRAN Skype plugin

Communicate instantaneously with the right people within your company and partner teams. SYSTRAN's translation plug-in eases and encourages interactions among international teams and improves transparency and efficiency for improved collaboration.

Get the quality of Neural Machine translation

SYSTRAN's translation in more than 140 languages combinations is instantantly fed in Skype's discussion panel and allows you to write and read all messages in your own language. Our ability to integrate your industry specificities in our translation engine delivers the most accurate translation and seamless experience for your employees.

What's more?

Translate all your company documents with our Office plug-in suite integrated to our secure solution, SYSTRAN Entreprise server!
* Skype, Powerpoint, Word an Excel, are trademarks of Microsoft and not provided by SYSTRAN.

SYSTRAN Office Word plug-in

Discover Systran Entreprise server

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