Trusted by 60% of the leaders in Gartner's eDiscovery Magic Quadrant.
From Behind the Firewall, Translate Audio & Text

“ SYSTRAN enabled iDS to provide translation services, expanding our role with current and new clients. In just three months, we cut our average document review time from several days to several minutes, allowing the review team to continue their work without interruption. SYSTRAN was able to keep the data behind the firewall. It works within our environment, so there was no need to send out privileged docs for translation. ”

iDiscovery Solutions, Inc. Ken Shuart, Senior Manager of Innovation

“ The new PNMT™ technology offers unmatched translation quality and fluidity in the history of automatic translation. 아직 더 개선되어야 하는 부분이 있지만, 이미 R&D 팀이 이미 개선 작업을 진행하고 있습니다. 이 기술은 분명 세계화된 세상에서 번역가들과 제공자들에게 새로운 시각을 열어줄 것입니다. ”

Crosslang Heidi Depraetere, founder of Crosslang

“ PNMT™ technology provided by SYSTRAN is a new step for human communication in general, and for tourism in particular. 이는 광범위한 분야에서의 기회와 새로운 경험을 가져올 것이며 흥미로운 언어학적 여행이 될 것입니다! Tourist 2.0은 ReadyToGo로 증가되었습니다. ”

Petit Futé Dominique Auzias, founder of Petit Futé

“ The SYSTRAN PNMT™ engine understood most of what I wanted to say, and translated it very fluidly. 대체적으로 용어들이 정확했고, 문장들 또한 사람이 작성한 것 같았습니다. ”

Lexcelera Lori Thicke, the CEO of Lexcelera

Speed is our first language.
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Trusted by the Intelligence Community for 49 years

Trusted by 60% of the eDiscovery Providers
Listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

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Ensure your information security. Translations never leave your network, preventing data leakage and ensuring compliance.

Will Wilkinson, Head of Forensic Technology at BDO, explains his usage of SYSTRAN solutions concerning eDiscovery challenges.


Reduce translation costs with automatic language detection contained within a collection and bulk translation.

Translation cost
Relativity Ecosystem


Streamline your eDiscovery with SYSTRAN's scalable architecture that delivers fast translations, granting you additional time to review, analyze and produce a winning legal strategy. Our solution can be integrated into your existing environment such as Relativity.

SYSTRAN Anonymizer

Conceptualized by the international law firm Reed Smith LLP, the anonymization tool can mask identifying details in documents.

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Specialization - SYSTRAN CMLess Connector V2 for Relativity


Equip your eDiscovery with the full range of linguistic functionalities like Translation, Named Entity Recognition and Domain Detection, found in the SYSTRAN Linguistic Development Kit.

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